Read the article below about bad weather conditions in Scotland.



Couple stranded in Scottish mountains



In a rescue operation lasting five hours, an Irish couple were led to safety as blizzard conditions made the area treacherous. The couple from Dublin were stranded on a

snow-covered mountain in Scotland and used a mobile phone to guide the rescue team

to them. They were among a dozen people rescued from Scottish mountains in a string

of weekend operations.

    The couple were staying in the skiing and climbing area of Glencoe about 80 miles

north of Glasgow. But on Saturday, while climbing a mountain in the Glencoe range,

they became stranded on a snow ledge about 2,500 feet up.

    Glencoe mountain rescue team leader David Gunn said, there were blizzard-like conditions at the time. They found the couple about 1,500 feet from the summit. “The couple were well equipped but had made a route-reading error and became stranded,”

Mr Gunn told our newspaper ‘Irish Independent’.

    The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said wandering on to frozen waterways could be fatal. ROSPA spokesman Roger Vincent said: “Last year in the winter we saw at least three people dying in ice-related drownings in Ireland and Britain.”

    Mainland Europe has not escaped either with heavy snowfalls causing avalanches

in Switzerland, Romania and Slovakia, killing at least three people.




Read carefully the five false sentences below then correct each of them.


1          The Irish couple were rescued in a swift operation.

2          The couple phoned friends to ask them to alert a rescue team.

3          The couple got stranded after they had slipped on icy patches and had slid 80 ft.

4          They were experienced climbers but this time they forgot some of their equipment

           most importantly their map.

5          In other parts of Europe there were some more blizzards but they nowhere led to avalanches.